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Monday, December 6, 2010

So I did it....Homemade Christmas Gifts

I spent some time this weekend working on the homemade Christmas Gifts that I wanted to get done.  I made the handprint ornaments, Santa ornaments and Christmas mason jars.

Christmas Mason Jars

The mason jar project was the most interactive for Rosa.  First I got my supplies together.  You will need one clean mason jar.  I used Miracle Whip jars since they don't have any embossing, which would make things difficult.  Also, colored tissue paper, Mod Podge glue, a paint brush and any embellishments that you might want to add.  

I let Rosa make a decoupage jar.  First I cut red, white and green tissue paper into a variety of different sized squares.  I placed a couple of fingers inside the jar to hold it, then applied the Mod Podge glue to the outside of the jar with a paint brush, then Rosa applied the tissue paper.  It is okay if the squares overlap.  After she finished, I went over the jar and filled in the gaps and around the edges of the top and bottom of jar.  I created a smooth edge by applying the tissue paper, then applying a layer of glue over the paper, up to the edge, the paper will tear easily at the edge.

After all of the paper is applied, go over the whole jar again with another layer of glue.   Let that dry and apply another layer of glue.

You can place Christmas lights, a real tea light candle or a battery operated tea light in the jar for display.

I was inspired by a combination of two blogs to create this Santa Jar.  I saw these awesome Halloween Jars on Not So Idle Hands Blog.  Then on Crafts by Amanda's blog she posted some creative Glittery Santa Belly Jars.

I applied strips of red tissue paper, with a black ribbon and a piece of gold pipe cleaner.  I had to use a glue gun to attach the pipe cleaner.

I used white tissue paper for the last jar.  I applied silver glitter and snowflake stickers.

Handprint Ornaments

These ornaments are just so super cute.  I have seen them most commonly done on blue ornaments, but since I am making them for Rosa's grandmothers, both of which have a red and white Christmas theme, I used red.

I painted Rosa's hand with white craft paint, then had her grab the bottom of the ornament.  I then wiped her hand clean with a baby wipe and set the ornament off to the side to dry.  After the paint dried, I used a black paint pen to add the eyes, mouth and buttons, then allowed that to dry.  Finally I applied orange paint for the carrot nose and green paint for the scarves with a very small paint brush.  I wrote "Rosa 2010 on the opposite  side of the ornament with the paint pen.  After the paint had dried I applied a layer of Mod Podge glue to seal the colors.

Santa Belly Ornaments

Inspired by Crafts by Amanda.  I used the same red ornaments to make these super cute Christmas decorations.  I simply added a black ribbon around the middle of the ornament with a hot glue gun.  After the glue dried, I added the buckle.  The buckle is made from a piece of gold pipe cleaner.

Be careful because the glue can make a mess if it is applied on any part of the ornament not covered by the black ribbon.

Hope you all enjoy and have a most wonderful Christmas!!!!

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