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Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to Our Blog

Getting with the technology, I am checking out the benefits of having a blog.  I am hoping to update you on what is going on with my web page.  You can visit us here: .

So what have I done today?  I added plenty of activities to the Letter "N" page.

Nectarine Passing
Played like "Hot Potato"
The children sit in a circle. Have the children pass a nectarine around the circle while you chant:
Nectarine, nectarine, orange and sweet,
Nectarine, nectarine, fun to eat,
Who will get caught we will see,
We will count, one, two THREE!!!
Whoever is holding the nectarine when you say three goes in the center for one turn.
Play again, then the next person that is holding the nectarine replaces the first child in the middle.

Comparing Nectarines
Have the children compare and contrast a nectarine and an orange. Create a venn diagram to show the similarities and differences.

Taste Test
Let the children taste both and have the children vote which they like the best. Graph the results on a graph.

Other Ideas
Navy Blue Art
Nesting Hen 
Nest Art
Nesting Supplies
Newspaper Art
Newspaper Art 2
Newspaper Art 3
Newspaper Art 4
Newspaper Sailor HatsNight Art
Night Art 2
Nickel Art
Nickel Path
Counting Nickels
Math Center
Nickel Jar
Nine Noodle "N"
Ninety Jars
Ninety Bottles

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