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Friday, December 7, 2012

Creating Your Own Memory Game and More

My daughter, Rosa, is great at playing Memory.  The problem is that we rarely get through a whole game before she is ready to move on.  Sometimes we take about half the cards to play with, but that can be time consuming, so I decided to make our own game and this is something you can do at home too.  

You will need:
Card Stock - any size, any color
A rotary cutter (or pencil, ruler and scissors)
two sets of identical stickers (or stamps and ink pad)

Start by measuring your stickers (or stamps) to determine the size of your card stock squares.  Two inches would probably be about the minimum that you would want to make the cards so they are easy to handle.  You want to make the cards so there is a little wiggle room around the edges of your largest sticker or stamp.  

We cut our cards to be two inch squares.  

Rosa placed the stickers on the cards.  We did four sets of identical stickers so that we could use these for other activities (listed below).  

Now you are ready to play Memory or use these for other activities. 

 Other activity ideas:
- have the children sort the cards
- create a pattern and have the child recreate the pattern below it
- have the child create a pattern
- create a pattern and ask the child to continue the pattern
- attach paper clips to the cards then have the child go fishing for the cards with a magnet on the end of a string
- attach the cards to the floor and have the child hop from one card to another
- attach the cards to the floor and play musical chairs, but use the cards instead of chairs
- use the cards for seat markers

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