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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Activity of the Day: December 28, 2011

Pam’s Clipart Images
Bell Ring Game: 
Instructions on how to make bell rings in art section. Played like Doggie Doggie Where's your Bone? With a twist. Older children will have a hard time keeping the bells quiet, and it will give younger children the advantage of hearing the bells. This is how the game is played. The teacher picks one child to sit in the middle and be the Doggie. Then the other children sit in a circle around the Doggie. The teacher picks one child to hold the bells (bone) behind their back, and all the children sit with their hands behind their back. Say the Chant: 
Doggie, Doggie, 
Where's your bone? 
Somebody took it from it's home, 
Upstairs, downstairs, by the telephone, 
Wake up doggie, Find your bone. 
The Doggie picks up to three people that he/she believes has the bells. One at a time, as picked, the children show their hands. If they pick the right child they "win". Regardless the child with the "bone" become the next Doggie, and the old Doggie pick who will get the bells next. 

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