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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Movement Mini Lesson

A Movement Mini Lesson for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten children.

Talk about movement
Who can move?  What kinds of things can you do?  Have the children take turns showing you what they can do.  Can you Jump?  Let's see you jump.  Have all the children jump.

Poem to get ready for the Story:
1,2 You know what to do.
3,4 Sit on the floor.
5,6 Your feet you fix.
7,8 Sit up straight.
9,10 Let's listen again.

Read "Jump" by Scott M. Fischer
As you read the book have the children Jump each time the animal in the book jumps.

Jump Up and Down
(child's name), (child's name),
Jump up and down, Jump up and down, Jump up and down,
(child's name), (child's name),
Jump up and down, now sit back down
replace "act like a clown" or "spin all around" for "jump up and down"
replace "child's name" with "everybody" or the name of your class, eg "Tot 2"

Movement Cubes
Click here to see an image of this idea
Use small milk cartons (2) for the base for these cubes. Cover each side of one cube with the numbers one through six. The second cube can be covered with actions, such as jump, spin, hop on one foot, touch your toes etc. The children roll the dice then complete the action on the one die, the second die tells them how many times they should do it. 

Jump Jump Kangaroo Brown
Sung to "Skip to my Lou"
Jump Jump Kangaroo Brown
Inside, Outside Upside down,
Jump jump kangaroo brown
Jump all over town.

variations: replace jump with:
skip, run, hop, dance, sit, fly or any other verb.

Read "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carle
As you are reading the book encourage your child/children to act like the animals in the book.  Then they should say "I can do it" after each action.

Jump Jim Joe
Sung to "Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck"
Have the children sit in a circle before lunch. Pick one child, have that child pick a friend, then have the two children hold hands and follow the directions as you sing:
Jump, Jump, Jump Jim Joe,
Shake your head,
Nod your head,
Tap your toe,
Round and round,
And round we go,
Go and wash your hands
(a great song to send children off to wash their hands before lunch or snack)

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